Dr. Thomas L. Saul 20th Annual Golf Marathon

Join us on October 30, 2017

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We are hosting our Dr. Thomas L. Saul 20th Annual Golf Marathon on Monday October 30, 2017 at  The River Golf Club in North Augusta. We ask that you help support Family Promise of Augusta and help us continue to provide a program that helps homeless parents and children get back on their feet! 

You can help support our families by donating to our golfers and caddies.  All donations are tax deductible.

Family Promise of Augusta is a nonprofit organization that serves homeless families in the CSRA. FPA is a program designed to help families regain self-sufficiency through our 3 different programs:

1. Interfaith Hospitality Network - network of congregations that provide housing for homeless families within their church walls. They provide housing, meals, and the love and encouragment our families need during this hard time in their lives. 

2. Transitional Housing - we have 8 units of housing that we allow families to live in after they are able to find employment and can have utilities on in their name. They can stay in one of these units for up to 12 months rent free. They are required to pay for utilities and put 30% of their remaining income into a savings account. Case managers complete site visits and continue to educate on topics such as budgeting, home ownership, parenting, etc. 

3. Children's Day Shelter - while the families are in our program, our cost free daycare center is available to them as well as for 6 months after they complete our program. The CDS is also available to other homeless shelters in the area. 


**The AMAZING part is that we have a 86% success rate! That means that 86% of the families that enter our shelter leave with both a job and housing and are able to maintain that for at least 3 years!!

If you are on Facebook or Twitter, please share the news of your participation and ask your friends to consider making a donation as well. Your gift and the gifts of your friends will support FPA's efforts to continue this ministry which is so vital to the homeless families in this area.

Family Promise Augusta

2177 Central Avenue

Augusta, GA 30904



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