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Supporting Homeless Families

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All funds collected through this campaing will be used to provide food and shelter to families experiencing homelessness or are at eminent risk of homelessness due to a job loss or illness.

Dear Friends,

We pray that you are all safe and healthy during this worldwide crisis and are following all the recommended protocols. As we adjust to the new temporary normal, we have had to make changes to how we provide services to our families and how we secure funding to ensure we will be able to continue to help families in the future.

With the outbreak of COVID-19, low-income families will be some of the hardest-hit by through the loss of wages, childcare, food, transportation, and more. Many are currently experiencing homelessness and others are at imminent risk. This outbreak will undoubtedly destabilize the housing situation of countless families in our area unless we take proactive steps to mitigate this now. Hourly workers have already begun to experience a significant reduction in their paychecks and there will assuredly be layoffs. Those in service, retail, and hospitality will be hit the hardest. For many of our neighbors who do not have sufficient, if any, paid sick leave, an illness for themselves or a member of their family will mean serious losses to their household income as well. Those who already live in, or on the edge of poverty, will be hit the hardest and it is likely, if not definite, that we will see increases in homelessness, evictions, and food insecurity.

Family Promise of Southwest New Jersey is on the front lines, providing life-saving interventions that keep families together and healthy. We need your help to make that happen. Your gift today can help us provide much needed food and shelter to homless families during this crisis.

Please donate today if you are able.

Thank you,

Rosemarie Parker

Victoria Osborn

Board of Trustess