During the registration process you will be asked to choose the two or three classes that most interest you.   Because some classes run concurrently you may not be able to attend all of your selections.  Class schedules will be arranged to accommodate the greatest number of participants.


Intro to UBass – Justin Rister      All levels

Learn how easy it is to get started with the Ubass.  You’ll learn the role of a bass player in a group and explore creating bass lines in different styles of music.  Several basses will be available to try out and you’ll have an opportunity to apply the techniques learned in class.


Hawaiian Songs with Deb Guarneiri     All levels

Learn traditional Hawaiian songs with phonetic pronunciation sheets, full tab and translations.   Also  included will be  some very popular songs in English and a bit of Hawaiian culture including the history of ukulele.


Classical (Baroque) Ukulele – Norman Tibbils     Intermediate/Advanced

If you love the sound of a classical guitar you too can learn to make this beautiful music on your ukulele. The music of Bach, Vivaldi, Handel and more, arranged so everyone can play it. We will play the pieces together as an ensemble, so you won’t have to panic if you miss a note or two.


Pentatonic Pointers - Randy Pollok     Intermediate

 The pentatonic scale is the basis for countless folk tunes and melodies across many cultures.  Becoming familiar with it will get you ready for learning them, creating your own tunes, and jumping off into improvisation. Learn the scale shapes, a few tunes, and get some fresh ideas for blues and jazz. 

Ukulele 101  Norman Tibbils   beginner                    

Just the right class for ukulele first-timers. Strum the soothing sounds of ukulele chords for your own amazement, or become part of a ukulele ensemble. Play a melody! Check out a little fingerpicking! If you can already sing or have experience playing another instrument, that’s great, but not a must-have. You can do it!

Tin Pan Alley Ukulele - Ron Gordon    All levels

The Tin Pan Alley era covers the time that popular music evolved from local and

regional styles to the first mass media : due to phonographs, radio and lots of sheet

music. 1890’s to 1930. We’ll learn two songs from this era ; one focusing on right hand

strums, and one highlighting chord melody. This era also coincides with the first great

wave of the ukulele’s popularity on the mainland. 23 Skidoo!

Chord Melody - Ron Gordon            Intermediate/Advanced

We will learn a few ways to move closed chord shapes on the uke , and so apply a few

concepts of how to enhance your songs. Moving chords on the uke is generally much

more doable on the short scale and nylon strings, as compared to other fretted

instruments. We’ll cover sliding, chromatic movement, and using different chord

shapes up and down the neck as a way to introduce this technique. There will be two

classic tin pan alley songs to learn in this regard. Recording devices recommended and

handouts provided.